How to apply for a grant

As a small charity, our objectives aim to support local communities and to raise money through fundraising events for dispersal to local charities (or constituted groups which have charitable aims/public benefit).

If your charity or community group has a cause or project needing support, please send us some information about your organisation and the project, initiative or item you are asking the Lions to support by completing the Application Form for Grant Funding which you can find on this page. If you have any queries about any aspects of completing the form please contact the Lions Treasurer Rosemary Granger at

To apply for a grant


The notes can be downloaded and saved by right-clicking this link (pdf) but the following is a summary of the main points:

No restrictions are imposed on the purpose for which a grant may be made; thus, applications for support towards capital projects, other projects or core costs are considered.
Candidates for support and/or grants are all considered on their own merits, following investigation by the Trustees. However, given that most of the available funds are raised within the local community, those candidates that are local are given special consideration. Using the former as a guiding principle the following are examples of areas adopted for support:

  • Local charities - youth groups, community groups, groups working with the elderly, residential and nursing homes
  • Youth and children’s organisations - sport related groups, scouting and guiding, youth club activities
  • Community facilities – aid for disadvantaged, elderly, homeless individuals and families, village hall projects and other community projects.

The Trustees will not normally support applications from large national charities or charities dedicated to issues deemed by the Trustees to be already well funded.
The Trustees will not normally approve the use of funds for purposes for which government has a statutory responsibility to provide; nor to individuals to support self development / improvement.


The form can be dowloaded as a pdf document (.pdf) by right-clicking this link which you can then print out and fill in by hand. The personal information provided will be used solely for the purpose of considering and awarding the application, and will not be given to any other party. For more details, the form should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Statement.


The application should be posted to Stephanie Atkinson, 4 Arnison Terrace, Allendale, Hexham