These Tourists!

This website is a companion and a complement to the Wordsworth Trust Exhibition Savage Grandeur and Noblest Thoughts which is showing in the Wordsworth Museum, Grasmere from 1 July 2010 until 12 June 2011.

The exhibition tells the story of the discovery of the Lake District by the artists, writers and tourists during the period 1750-1820. This website looks at various other sides of this story: how the inhabitants reacted to the opening up of ‘their’ region, and what was going on that the visitors did not see, or at least did not appreciate. Examples of these things are changes in agriculture, changes in industry, changes in economy and living standards, the growth of towns and villages.

The website gives a brief introduction to these, and other stories. This is a living website; new pages will be added throughout the period of the exhibition, July 2010 to June 2011.

website last updated 30 June 2010

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