Overall structure of Middle-sea and Lear-sea

This section presents some foreshadowings of the significance and passion of Jesus. The poet points out moments of Greek and Roman civilisation that embody or prefirure the inporance of Mediterranean culture in the creation of Modern Wetern Europe and Britain in particular. The times of the significant moments and events are related to the time of Christ’s passion and death.

page 84 the fall of Troy and the death of Hector.
85-86 mythic and political events in Rome: the conception of Romulus and Remus; the expulsion of the Etruscan kings; the land reforms of Tiberius Gracchus; the establishment of the Principate.
90-108 historical, cultural and naval development in Ancient Greece: the cultural renaissance after the dark ages and two seafaring narratives (i) of a homecoming to Phaleron (ii) of a trading voyage to Britain.