Portsmouth International Kite Festival 2014

Ten members of the club made the long journey to Portsmouth for this year’s kite festival. We took some of the European Air Gallery, but unfortunately didn’t have the chance to fly them.  Through the weekend, we were treated to displays of two line flying, most notably by Cerf Volent Folies from France, and of historic single line kite designs.

There were two highlights for us. Firstly, to help our good friend Dick Toonen from Holland in a mass fly of his unique Drum Boxes, and secondly, we were honoured to be asked by Robert Brasington from Tasmania to help him in his a mass fly of his own kites.

It was also great to meet up with our friends from Sky Pirates (Holland) who helped us close the festival with a flight of the Friendship Kite. It’s actually further from the North East to Portsmouth than it is from Holland!

The festival on Southsea Common, Portsmouth
Flying Dick’s Drum Boxes
The mass fly of Drum Boxes
Cerf Volent Folies
Jan Borsboom’s replica Cody
The Brasingtons