Blyth International Kite Festival 2016

The early May bank holiday weekend again saw the club at the Blyth International Kite Festival. As usual, the weather was somewhat changeable, with everything from rain and hail to strong winds and sunshine – four seasons in a day! This year’s event was attended by fliers from NEKF, Northern Kite Group and the Midland Kite Fliers – it was a great chance to meet up with friends from around the country – old and new.

13226945_10154071922457368_2355543487548327182_n DSCN2370

Despite the challenging conditions, displays were put on by the Free J’s, Tall and Small, the Executives (their debut performance) and the Pallas Family Fliers, with superb commentary this year by Alan Poxon.

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Sky Artists and Smile Factor 10 filled the sky with their large inflatables which, as usual, drew in a good crowd.

DSCN2359 IMG_20160502_151109

Throughout the day, there was a fantastic display of many different types of single line kites, including displays of Drumboxes, deltas and ‘animal’ kites. Many thanks to Peter Hartt who supervised the very successful kids rainbow delta sessions.

DSCN2353 DSCN2350

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One of the highlights this year was the visit by Robert Valkenberg from Holland, who amazed the visitors with his spectacular Wind Garden.


Again, the Saturday evening fliers buffet was provided by Tony and Marie from GoKites, with the ‘entertainment’ going on late into the night.